Our Mission

Our mission is to help a generation achieve their sporting dreams whether the dream is to learn a new sport or become a future star.

Our small passionate team believe that increasing participation in sport can improve the health and well-being of a nation.

We aim to get more people playing sport and for those lucky enough to possess talent, help them reach their full potential.

For those who are new to sport why not ask for coaching or some new equipment for your birthday and get started? How much better would it be to get out there and get active rather than have another wasted present hidden in the cupboard?

For those already playing who want to be the best, do you need extra coaching to help you win your next event or help with funding travel to allow you to compete at the next level?

Whatever your sport, whether it be tennis, soccer, basketball, running, judo, swimming, cricket, skiing, badminton, handball, long jump, cycling, rowing, rugby league, sailing, hockey, golf, rugby union, water polo, diving, weightlifting, gymnastics, volleyball, snow-boarding, high jump, fencing, horse-riding, archery, boxing, canoeing, figure skating, surfing, bobsleigh, Aussie rules or many others we want you help you to get out and join in!

Whether you want to win an Olympic gold medal, play in the World Cup, win Wimbledon or the Australian Open, win the Ashes, compete in the Commonwealth Games or have your first rowing or golf lesson, Inspire a Star want to help you follow your dreams.

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